View Full Version : Entire Rudhira debut album available for free streaming and download

Oct-24-2012, 21:47
Ein, the debut album from norwegian progressive metallers Rudhira, is now available in its entirety for free streaming and download. Ein was released on every major online music service (Spotify, iTunes, WiMP, Deezer, etc.) through Pug-Nose Records on June 1st 2012 and quickly started gathering critical acclaim.

The entire album can be found here:

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmrEVzT2tMUTga_qhUKElXFj3z-2FcN2y&feature=plcp (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmrEVzT2tMUTga_qhUKElXFj3z-2FcN2y&feature=plcp)
(Hosted on: http://www.youtube.com/rudhiraband )

And here:

http://soundcloud.com/rudhira/sets/ein/ (http://soundcloud.com/rudhira/sets/ein/)
(Hosted on: http://soundcloud.com/Rudhira/ )