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Frederik Magle
Feb-27-2013, 18:40
Here is a new recording of the All Hallows Mass (Allehelgen-Messe) Motet "Alting har sin tid på jorden" ("Everything has its time on earth"), performed by Lise-Marie Groll (soprano), Bennie Sanden Reebirk (organ), and Klaus Munk-Nielsen (cello):


It's a "reduced version", as the full score calls for choir as well - but it works quite well even without, I think.

Download the score here (http://www.magle.dk/scores/frederik-magle-motet-allehelgenmesse.pdf) (PDF). The text is by Iben Krogsdal and can be found here (http://www.allehelgenmesse.dk/pages/tekster/alting-har-sin-tid.php) (in Danish).

Kind regards,

Feb-28-2013, 01:39
Thanks for posting. Enjoyed as usual your work. Hope that young lady in your life now is doing well.Take care..

Frederik Magle
Feb-28-2013, 15:14
Thank you, Bill!

Katharina is doing very well! :)

Mar-02-2013, 06:26

Absolutely gorgeous ... leaves me with goosebumps after listening - the soloist does an excellent delivery in tone and expression.

Was this recorded at Jørlunde Kirke?

Frederik Magle
Mar-04-2013, 13:35
Thank you, Lars! :) Indeed, I think the soprano (Lise-Marie Groll) does a very good job!

It wasn't recorded in Jørlunde though, as it's part of a new CD she releasing together with the organist in "Skelgårdskirken" in Copenhagen, Bennie Sanden Reebirk, containing French (and Danish) music for soprano and organ. Thus, it's recorded in that church. I did the recording myself, btw.

The organ is a Frobenius from 1992, and incidentally the specs happens to have been made by my old theory and composition-teacher Leif Thybo. A fine instrument in my opinion.

Stop list:

I. Hovedværk (Great Organ):
Principal 8´
Rørfløjte 8´
Oktav 4´
Gedaktfløjte 4´
Oktav 2´
Mixtur III
Fagot 16´
Trompet 8´

II. Svelleværk (Swell Organ):
Bordun 8´
Gambe 8´
Celeste 8´
Kobbelfløjte 4´
Quint 2 2/3´
Waldfløjte 2´
Terts 1 3/5´
Quint 1 1/3´
Oktav 1´
Obo 8´

Subbas 16´
Principal 8´ (Gt)
Rørfløjte 8´ (Gt)
Oktav 4´ (Gt)
Fagot 16´(Gt)
Skalmeje 4´