View Full Version : Pianist Kyle Pederson Releases Follow-Up To His Top 5 CD

Apr-17-2013, 14:58
If you get the chance, go online and check out the new album by Kyle Pederson (listen to samples or excerpts at one of the sales websites). It is called RENEWAL and on it he takes European and American church music and old folk tunes (hundreds of years old) and does fresh, modern instrumental arrangements of these beautiful melodies (no singing).

You may remember Pederson from late 2011 when he released a successful solo piano album, titled 12.25, containing his unique arrangements of classic Christmas music. The CD went Top 5 on the international monthly Top 100 Zone Music Reporter airplay chart. But RENEWAL only has two solo piano pieces on it. The rest are acoustic ensemble tunes with piano, oboe, cello, violin and guitar.

This is a very melodic acoustic CD well worth hearing. It is a cross between new age music, neo-classical, instrumental church tunes and soft folk. It also is very calming and peaceful, but with top-notch playing on it. Highly recommended.