View Full Version : Stephen Savage Album Contains Quality Space Music

Apr-17-2013, 15:46

It may be hard to believe that space music has been around more than half-a-century, but like with all musical genres, artists keep digging deeper and exploring it further, and bring fresh sounds perspectives to it. Stephen Savage is a stunningly-creative newcomer to this field.

His new album is titled FUTURE MEMORY (twist your brain around that one). The last four tracks of this 13-tune CD are probably the most space-sounding, but #5 (“Gravity”) and #6 (“After the Circus”) in the middle also are dreamy, spaced-out pieces. The rest are split between avant-garde and ambient with a couple of uptempo tunes (“Then There Is Here Now” even has a snapping snare). Although there is some piano played on the album, the bulk of the instrumentation is synthesizer.

So lock the spaceship door, strap yourself in and prepare for escape velocity. Join Savage on this trip. For ambient and space sounds, this is compulsively-listenable music.