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May-03-2013, 00:31
Hello!..I am new to this forum..
I love music..and i wanted some opinions about my singing..
Its live in my home..
The song is raise me up by josh groban
M friends cant accept that i am singing so i want some true opinions..Thanks


May-03-2013, 01:52
I left a detailed comment on your youtube link page. Get a coach and get to work. Have potential.

May-03-2013, 23:02
Very good. I agree with Bill you have real potential. keep working at it.


May-04-2013, 02:38
Thank you so much both!!!..I appreciate it!!

May-04-2013, 11:18
Just make sure that you do not waste your talent. As Bill said some professional training will certainly help you


May-07-2013, 00:06
Thanks!!..I wont but not this time cause i am still studying..So i dont have any time.. :/ ..Can you risk everything for siging?

May-07-2013, 09:55
yup... if you really want it bad enough.. as I remember my early days of studying music..

May-08-2013, 18:58
Yep i want that..I dont know if is the right style of music for me..I am searching it!..

May-08-2013, 21:28
Try different styles. It won't cost you anythint.


May-09-2013, 08:23
The basics of good singing are they same for all..

May-15-2013, 14:41
Different styles like?..Il divo??

May-16-2013, 09:46
Different styles like?..Il divo?? One of my Favorite crossover groups. Have most of their concerts on DVD or mps downloads

May-16-2013, 11:04
Okay so firstly I love it when I hear vibrato from a musician, but especially vocalists. To me, it adds a special something to the music. So really good job with that. Um your pitch is a little bit...twerky. As I would say to one of my students, it's a little funky. It's not an earthquake meter, it's not s'posed to rock back and forth! (That is a joke, for the record.) You've definitely got potential. I can hear it your voice. Like has been mentioned, get yourself a vocal coach or even join a choir where you can get a little bit of extra help from the director. Whenever you practice, okay, have a tuner on your stand or in front of you somewhere. This is going to help you, because you're going to see exactly where your pitch is going. The tuner/metronome DOES NOT LIE! Part of what's going to help you a lot is when you go to warm up, play or have a pitch played for you. Hum the pitch first. Hear the pitch, get it in your head. Then in a comfortable range for you, open your mouth and sing the pitch using just an "Ah" syllable. My final comment is that you sound like maybe you're a bit nervous or uncomfortable. Maybe it's just camera fright or just not being comfortable singing or something else. But you will definitely be able to get past that.

Jun-04-2013, 14:16
Yep..Il Divo!!!..Thank you so muc for your advices!!!..Yep i aggree that vibrato is something that come out from feeling..And when i sing that song..I feel it!..But i think i am good in pitch correction..I think its very confortable for me!..Can i ask you something?..Before you sing high notes you must have little air in diaphragm and take very small breath or wrong?..I know i should take a voice coach..But i dont have the time cause i am student..But i will try it some monmment!

Jun-06-2013, 08:44
You need full breath support for high notes as well as all registers with steady compressed release. There are a number of vocal coaches with youtube videos on the subject as well as vocal technique. THese would help you out until you can get proper lessons/coaching.

Jun-08-2013, 15:30
Thanks!..Do you have in mind any video with good vocal trainer?

Jun-09-2013, 06:34
Do a search on youtube( vocal tech., breath control, vocal methods , etc) and a few will come up.. a few years ago I view a number and they all seemed to be with an acceptable range of vocal education. Some were by classical /opera singers and some by general vocal coaches. I would be happy to advise/aswser any questions you may have..or critique a mp3/video of a performance or perhaps even use skype cam as a means too.. Good Luck and Take care..

Jun-11-2013, 00:14
Thanks..Yep i will send you wjen i record in nice wuality the same song.. :)

Jan-16-2014, 10:30
I am not a singer, but years ago I had a professional vocal coach during studying music. I remember when you have to reach high notes:
-activate all room in your mouth for air. That means get a feeling like sighing in your mouth, move the tongue at the tip of your teeth. Show your upper teeth for overtones. Think down, when you go up and also don't move your head up to reach high notes, because then you close your throat doing that. Open your mouth really wide and smile a bit.