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Prog Head
May-18-2013, 17:13
THE TWENTY COMMITTEE consists of Geoffrey Langley (l/v & keyboards), Justin Carlton (guitar, b/v), Steve Kostas (lead guitar), Richmond Carlton (bass & harp), Joe Henderson (drums, b/v). Together they have recorded a superb debut album that draws on the roots of classic progressive rock to interpret it in a modern setting. Overall, the music can be described as a blend of Steely Dan and ELP, Gentle Giant and Echolyn (at reflective moments). There’s cohesion throughout ‘Lifeblood Psalm’ which flows smoothly from one track to the next. Elusive ingredients maintain a seductive atmosphere. All songs tend to build in character rather than just resorting to a lot of technical gymnastics. And let me close by saying that very important point is the voice of Geoffrey Langley. His distinctive timbre reminds about Freddie Mercury… :cool:


Such quality needs to be shared with a wider audience. Now I hope, this wonderful album will receive load of favorable approvals. :)


Jun-14-2013, 14:34
As long as they stay way from the ELP influences they should do ok

Prog Head
Jun-22-2013, 08:08
Here's a quotation from 'The Music is Out There' article in the UK magazine 'Fireworks'.

"THE TWENTY COMMITEE are from New Jersey and are a fantastic new prog band. Every song on their new CD 'A Lifeblood Psalm' …lulls you in, this is great album with old school prog references, gentle swaying vocals coupled with fantastic musical harmonies, even a little retro rag style going down, one of my favourite recent new releases, the band was pieced together to serve as an outlet for Geoff Langley to put the zany prog tunes he'd been working on to fuller orchestration..." :cool:

Prog Head
Aug-05-2013, 15:18
'A Lifeblood Psalm' will be reviewed in the September issue of Progression magazine. :)


Prog Head
Aug-11-2013, 13:18
From ProGGnosis website.

"A Lifeblood Psalm by The Twenty Committee is an excellent Prog/Pop album (with some jazzy and electronic elements) that should appeal to many music fans.The tracks all feature catchy melodies but also some very nice and slick instrumental sections. The music is very melodic and often energetic. The performers are of the highest level and even though a number of nice solos can be heard, they are never done to the detriment of the music. One of The Twenty Comitee's main quality are the vocals. Some of the best I have recently heard in a Prog band. The production is also of the highest level and the performances just great.
I think this album should appeal to fans of recent Echolyn, but also Kansas and to a certain point Steely Dan, although in my opinion, a not very well known American Prog band (sadly) called Simon Apple comes the closest to The Twenty Commitee's sound and style.
Personnally I think that The Twenty Committee have produced an album that would have gotten a lot of radio play thirty years ago. I hope that this great band will find an important audience that will allow it to continue to offer us music of this quality. A Lifeblood Psalmwill easily crack my "TOP 5 Prog album of the year" list. Great stuff!!!!!"

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