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Frederik Magle
Apr-26-2006, 12:03
I have just ordered an advanced gallery software for this site, which I plan on installing within the next couple of days (hopefully before the end of this week). It will have many features and yet be straightforward to use and fully integratd into the forum. Some of you may have noticed that a "pipe organ gallery" was added a couple of weeks ago. That was an experiment with a free software "hack", however, after many considerations I decided to go all the way and install a professional software package instead - no compromises, only the best is good enough for Magle International Music Forums! :)

I hope you will find it a nice and useful addition and upload lots of pictures, within the many categories that will be available.

I will keep you updated on the progress...

Frederik Magle
Apr-27-2006, 14:44

The new gallery is now open! All members can upload pictures to this advanced, yet easy to use, gallery within several categories. If you would like additional categories/galleries please don't hesitate to request them!

I hope you will take the time to upload some pictures so the gallery can get off the ground :)

Uploading is very easy with the "Quick Upload" function. Simply navigate to the gallery where you wish to upload, scroll down a little and select "browse" for the picture you want to upload, add a title, a short description (no more than 250 characters), and one or more keywords (optional) separated with spaces. Then click "Upload" and that's it! You can also use the more advanced "Upload" function function in the upper "toolbar".

Uploaded pictures can be of any dimensions (pixels) though not larger than 750 Kilobytes in size.

There is also special "Member's Private Galleries" and "Member's Art Gallries" sections. The first time you wish to post in there you must use the "advanced" upload function. When uploading a picture for the first time in there a new "private" category with your user name will automatically be created, so you can have your own personal galleries!

If you have any questions/comments/requests please don't hesitate to post them here!

Kind regards

May-24-2006, 02:39
What sort of pictures can we upload to the Gallery?
Do you mean artworks, photography etc?

Sounds good!