View Full Version : Peaceful Healing New Age Music From U.K. Group Anima

Jun-19-2013, 13:10
There is a beautiful new recording out by the U.K. group ANIMA (titled LIGHT OF ALUNA). This is enchanting, healing, spiritual, new age music blends electronic soundscapes with acoustic instrumentations (piano, guitar, flutes, Tibetan bowls) and peaceful vocals (Tibetan-style sacred male chanting in the background as well as soaring, floating, gorgeous female wordless singing).

Anima is a male-female duo with Ali handling most of the music and Daniela in charge of the singing. LIGHT OF ALUNA is their sixth album (and Ali has two previous solo CDs too). LIGHT OF ALUNA has seven tracks ranging in length from about eight-and-a-half-minutes long to nearly 13-minutes so the music has plenty of time to develop, and also get the listener into a relaxation and healing state.

The music (and more information) is available at animasoundmedicine(dot)co(dot)uk.