View Full Version : Joy Of Africa Pervades Wouter Kellerman Recording

Sep-03-2013, 13:39
Are you enjoying the joyous, rhythmic, multi-cultural, world-fusion music of Wouter Kellerman? If not, then go out and get his latest CD, Mzansi. You will not be disappointed. The singing, arrangements, melodies and rhythms are all superb.

He is a classically-trained metal flutist who can play any style -- world, pop, new age, folk, reggae or beat-box.

Wouter (pronounced like Voter) leads an all-African band with a variety of male and female lead singers who also sometime sing as a chorus, or use wordless vocals, or do rhythmic vocal sounds.

Jump on board this African continental musical train rolling from South Africa to Senegal to Kenya, and enjoy the wide variety of sounds. This is great music in any language.

More info is available at his website (his first and last names dot com).