View Full Version : German Wunderkind Musician Uwe Gronau Is Back With New Album

Oct-09-2013, 02:29
The prolific German wunderkind musician and composer UWE GRONAU is back with a new album, FLIGHT 14. He named it this because he has had 14 albums released in Germany (although only about half that number internationally).

The music, as usual, is wildly creative and quite eclectic ranging from soft solo piano numbers to what might be called progressive-rocking-new-age (prog rock without vocals). In between are piano-and-synthesizer tunes, some that are all-synth, a rhythmic-ambient piece here and an electric-piano-and-drums number there, one vocal song, some spacey stuff, some snapping snare uptempo tunes, etc.

You cannot just listen to one track and know what this album is all about, so prepare to immerse yourself. Google it to find a website to listen to samples or to purchase the CD or downloads.