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Nov-11-2013, 22:16

Hi my name is Bar (yes my name is Bar )im 21 years old and im one of Co-Founder of Sound4me.

What exactly is Sound4me?
Music social network that everone speak in 1 language - Music!
Since your surffing ina music forum i guess you love music;)

You can listen to any song you like for free alone or with your friends!
So what you can do in Sound4me?
Playlist- You have your own playlist! so you will allways have your songs!

Radio-Friends send you song they like Dedicating voice and text message

Group Parade- Join a Group Meet new friends Send the music you like
Vote for what plays next Chat and listen to live music together

PlayPal-Parade your songs you like with status and and tallk there with your friends!

Theres so much to do in Sound4me! once you will get in you will have hard time to leave! :)

Join us now - http://www.sound4me.com
just write your faivorite song and your in!

if you have any questions\problem i will be more then glad to help you

hope to see you there! :)