View Full Version : Let New Age Vocalizer Akasa Transport You Into A Trance

Dec-24-2013, 15:11
The singer AKASA makes music that is part new age, part trance, part chill, world-tinged, healing and deeply moving. Since she often does wordless vocalizing (or sings in Latin), it is best to approach the music like a dream -- let it take you where it will. It can be very trance-like as her voice soars and swirls around you.

Her fourth album, PORTAL, is now out. The softest and slowest tracks are “Hero’s Journey,” “Alba Rosa,” “Memory of My Star,” “Ave Maria” and “Magic of Your Love.” Some of the other tunes feature full-bodied rhythms and vibrant drumming. The music is sometimes spiritual/sacred, other times perfect for body movement, and often healing and meditative.

This is a fascinating CD. Akasa was born in Taiwan and came to the United States as a young adult where she began a spiritual and conscious-raising journey that led her to become somewhat of a specialist at performing ceremonies at new age conferences, gatherings and workshops with music an integral part of her practices.

The way the music is mixed with her voice echoing and shimmering gives it a sound quite unlike anything else out there. There is excellent backing music featuring electronic keyboards, piano, guitars, lots of strong drumming, cello and violin (in places). This is one of those CDs that must be heard so that each listener can make their own decision about whether it moves them or not, but there is most definitely lots of quality music to appreciate.