View Full Version : Laura Mcmillan’s Piano Music Perfectly Captures Storybook Love

Feb-14-2014, 14:42
What could be more warm and cuddly and tender and tingly than an album about Storybook Love? You know, the kind that ends with: happily ever after. That is exactly what you get with a CD called Storybook Love by pianist Laura McMillan. This is exquisitely-beautiful, all-instrumental, solo-piano music that perfectly captures many of the various emotionally elements of LOVE (the all-uppercase kind).

Check out her style, her melodies and her emotion, and you will see what I mean. She really captures some of the feelings of love translated to a grand piano. Some of the music is from the perspective of children (“Playground Memories” seems like what they might fantasize about when they think of falling in love), and some harkens back a hundred years to a simpler time (“Porch Swing” and “Lavender Roses”). But the idea of true love is timeless and eternal so this music may live on and be relevant for many, many more years.

McMillan writes good melodies and plays them with grand style and vigor.