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May-15-2006, 07:20
My other favourite prog band at the moment is Porcupine Tree.

Boy, they are amazing, I highly recommend them.

"Blackest Eyes" is my fave PT song :)

May-16-2006, 07:21
Thanks Cherry.
I will need to check out Porcupine Tree. Which album of theirs would you recommend?
I see they have many albums out!

May-23-2006, 04:38
In Absentia and deadwing are my 2 faves.

Amazing songs on both those albums

Jun-10-2007, 01:55
Hey, this is my current favorite prog band, I must say (just look at my avatar). :tiphat:

I have their complete discography and like them all, but if I had to chose a top 5 favorites, I think they would be these greats (In chronological order):

- The Sky Moves Sideways
- Signify
- Stupid Dream
- Lightbulb Sun
- In Absentia

Five genuine masterpieces!! :up: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I'm quite surprised to find so few people who also enjoy this band here, judging by the few replies to this topic... :confused:


Art Rock
Jun-10-2007, 07:01
Well, the thread is a year old and probably there were less people around back then. Excellent band, in my all-time top 5 prog bands.

Best albums:
1. In absentia
2. The sky moves sideways
3. Deadwing
4. Lightbulb sun

Best songs:
1. The sky moves sideways
2. Heartattack in a layby
3. Lazarus
4. Blackest eyes
5. Arriving somewhere

The other projects of Steve Wilson are also well worth exploring.

Jun-10-2007, 15:34
Best songs:
1. The sky moves sideways
2. Heartattack in a layby
3. Lazarus
4. Blackest eyes
5. Arriving somewhere

Yeah, all these songs are brilliant and among my favorites as well. :up: Some other personal favorites are: "Radioactive Toy" (from their debut release, On the Sunday of Life), "Russia on Ice" (from Lightbulb Sun), "Don't Hate Me" (from Stupid Dream), "Gravity Eyelids" (from In Absentia) and "Anesthetize" (from their latest effort, Fear of a Blank Planet). :clap:

The other projects of Steve Wilson are also well worth exploring.

Indeed. NO-MAN and BLACKFIELD especially (even though I.E.M. and Bass Communion are also awesome). :up:

NO-MAN's Flowermouth, for example, is a geuine masterpiece. It features, among other guests, the presence of King Crimson guitarrist Robert Fripp, and his guitar solo on the first track, "Angel Gets Caught in the Beauty Trap", is something wonderful. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Kind regards,

Jun-11-2007, 19:10
I`ve listened to some Porcupine Tree songs and definitely liked what I heard. Maybe it`s time for me to revisit this band`s music more thoroughly.

Jun-12-2007, 16:55
I've listened to some Porcupine Tree songs and definitely liked what I heard.

Welcome to the Tree!! :cool: :cool: :cool:

Jun-15-2007, 16:15
Saw them live at The Carling Academy with Robert Fripp supporting,great gig, great band,great night.Deadwing was my introduction to them and is still my favorite.

Art Rock
Jul-07-2007, 16:09
Just listening to one of Steven Wilson's side projects: Together we are stranger by No Man. What gorgeous music. I don't think there is any rock musician (with the exception of Peter Gabriel) that I rate higher than him.

Jul-09-2007, 08:23
Deliberately didn't listen to it and just ordered it from Amazon,cannot wait! just like Christmas.:)

Jul-24-2007, 13:25
Oh, I love Porcupine Tree! I'd say that In Absentia and Signify are my favorite PT albums, but it's hard to choose. Their song "Drown with Me" used to be set as my alarm's wake-up song. :p

Jul-25-2007, 08:51
I only have Deadwing to go by, but I love this album and it gets repeated and regular listening from me. Great "New Prog"

Art Rock
Jul-25-2007, 11:39
In absentia is an absolute must for you then.

Aug-14-2007, 06:05
I think In Absentia is great. I have the 2-disc re-release of Signify and found that harder to get into, but I also like it.

I own Deadwing and Fear of a Blank Planet, but haven't listened to them and am looking forward to it very much. I really like what Steven Wilson does. I kind of wish I would have picked up his earlier CDs when they were more readily available, though I suppose I shouldn't have a hard time ordering online if I really want them. :)

Mar-12-2008, 07:45
Just bumping this for no reason other than to say that Art Rock, I finally managed to take up your recommendation above and have at last procured a copy of In Absentia which is getting just as many repeated listenings now as Deadwing has previously - what a marvellous album! Blackest Eyes and Trains make for excellent opening tracks. I also particularly like Wedding Nails and .3 However the absolute winners were the tragic Heart Attack In A Lay-By and Collapse The Light Into Earth which had me in tears; simple, sad and beautiful song.

Must try to grab Fear Of A Blank Planet now - I'm well hooked. This story has a bit of a bitter sting though as they're touring Australia next month and it's highly unlikely I'll be able to afford to go! (Mainly because of plane fares and accomodation). I've even been in correspondence with Richard Barbieri a few times, but I doubt I'll get to meet up with any of them let alone him ... dammit!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Art Rock
Mar-12-2008, 18:02
Glad you like it. Heart Attack In A Lay-By is my second favourite song by them, only surpassed by the epic The sky moves sideways.

Art Rock
Mar-20-2008, 18:04
A review of their magnificent new album can be found on my blog:

Apr-03-2008, 22:04
Fear of a Blank Planet seems to get a lot of bad mouthing by fans, but I think the album is fantastic and I've actually played it more than In Absentia, I think. The drumming in particular is jaw dropping.

Apr-21-2008, 05:05
I've only heard three tracks from FOABP so far and have liked all of them very much (especially Sleep Together - unsettlingly great). The video for FOABP was terrifying :eek: (but most of that opinion is from the parent and teacher side of me).

Oh and btw, the sting has gone :) and I have managed to scrounge enough cash combined with Frequent Flyer points and am making a very quick trip to Melbourne for their gig this Friday. The fact that Richard Barbieri also put me on the guest list was more than just a bit of added incentive!:grin::grin::grin:

Andrew Roussak
Apr-22-2008, 21:09
Hey Soubasse,

have fun on the gig! I 've never seen PT live, but they come sometimes to play here in South Germany ( or Elsasse in France ), so I'll get my chance I hope... Those colleagues of me who had visited their gigs before were really impressed...Must be great, as I think.

Btw I like FEAR... better than In Absentia - I find this album more homogeneous somehow.

Apr-28-2008, 07:01
Well, I'll start with "apart froms": Apart from being the shortest visit to Melbourne EVER (I'm used to staying more than just 11 hours), and the fact that the venue was not great, and the sound for the support band was awful which made me a little nervous for PT, and the fact that it was all ear-bleedingly loud, it was quite a good show.:)

They exploded onto stage with Fear Of A Blank Planet and they followed it with many a quality track primarily handpicked from the rest of FOABP (including Anesthetize, Way Out Of Here, and the apocalyptic Sleep Together which finished the main set before encores). Tracks from In Absentia were The Sound Of Muzak, Blackest Eyes and Trains which was the first encore. From Deadwing we were treated to Lazarus, Open Car and Halo which was the very last song for the night. There were a couple of earlier tracks but only one of which I recognised which was Hatesong. I felt it was a very well balanced set list which didn't leave a "virgin" audience wanting for much, although there were personal favourites that I missed such as Shallow, Arriving Somewhere, Heart Attack In A Lay-By, etc. But what we did get was a strong set showing their live skills to the fore. The performances were as tight as they were slick.

Some minor downsides: I thought Richard Barbieri's work could have come to the fore a little more (and yes, I possibly am a little biased thanks to his kind favours to me, but, for example, I couldn't clearly hear the strings in Sleep Together and they really make that song, especially toward the end). I thought even some of Colin Edwin's playing wasn't as noticeable as it could have been. And my main complaint was that the decibel level was so high, it would often detract from the overall balance. I'm actually very glad I thought to take my earplugs otherwise I suspect they might still be ringing. In the end, though, it was a quality set list from a high-quality band, and what surprised me the most (for Australia) was the large percentage of the audience that were singing along to so many of the songs.

It was great meeting up and chatting with Richard Barbieri and the rest of the group after the show too. They're a quiet, almost humble bunch, somewhat belying what they produce on stage:grin:

Jun-06-2008, 23:13
pt is absolutly amazing, my favorite album was actually up the downstairs

Jun-08-2008, 02:01
I love Stupid Dream and In Absentia. Their earlier stuff infused more heavy metal with their more melodic electronic and acoustic elements. If you like the darker metal side on PT, check out albums Steve Wilson produced for the legendary Swedish Prog Death Metal group, Opeth, beginning with the CD Blackwater Park. Like Porcupine, they also push the extreme of soft and heavy.

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Jun-12-2008, 09:39
Porcupine Tree is definitely good...But my favorite Progressive metal band is Dream theater...

Jul-31-2009, 06:04
Bumping again for no other reason other than to say that for anyone who may have missed the news, there is a new PT album "The Incident" not far off now.



Sep-06-2009, 19:44
I am going to see Porcupine tree in Decemeber in Wolverhampton. can't wait. A real modern twist to the prog rock journey. blackest eyes is their definitive song has a bit of everything. Amazing drummer who has now also joined King crimson so he must be useful. Deadwing is a great album with fave track 'mellotron scratch' awsome.

Highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to expand their listening in this genre.

Jon at 30M:D

Sep-10-2009, 09:55
Procured a copy of The Incident today, have just started listening (and greatly enjoying). Will give a mini-review later if anyone is interested.


Sep-11-2009, 09:34
I have to say, I love this band.

Its only in recent years that they've come to my attention with the 'Fear of a blank planet' album.

I heard a sample track on a cd that came free with a magazine and was absolutely hooked.

I don't have 'The incident' yet but have heard 'Time flys' and really like it.

There is another band I'd recommend to you if you enjoy Porcupine Tree, and that is Enochian Theory.



They are a very melodic new progressive rock band also from England. Their new cd is very good.

Sep-14-2009, 22:16
I'll be seeing them in Copenhagen soon... and as for favorite albums, Deadwing and FOABP get the most repeats with me. Favorite song by them is, without a doubt, Halo.

Oct-15-2009, 04:17
Halo is still in my top 5 PT faves - excellent song. Says a great deal using a few words.

For what it's worth, my take on The Incident is that it's not as cohesive an album as many of their previous. Conceptually, it doesn't hold together as well as FOABP or its predecessors Deadwing and In Absentia. There are many strong musical moments in The Incident but they don't go to the same places as previous material. Lyrically it's also marred for me by what I feel are some unnecessarily gratuitous profanities. It's nothing compared to a great deal of anti-social hate-filled crap being spouted by rappers and hip-hoppers, but I was still disappointed that it had appeared in the otherwise usually sensible output from Steve Wilson.

Time Flies and The Seance are high points for me at the moment after a few repeated listenings of the album, and Drawing The Line has a playful reminder of the post-punk sound from the 80s UK stuff.

Oct-16-2009, 09:28
I actually really like The Incident especially because it has a noticeable touch of Pink Floyd, a band which no one has been able to "copy" before this album. I think it's a beautiful album with an almost tangible sense of melancholy, a red thread throughout, and yet rich with variation.

Oooooh, and I see them on Sunday!

Oct-17-2009, 03:07
Rub it in then!! :D

Let's know how it goes - I'm curious about how much back catalogue they're playing at the moment. They're hopefully coming down to Oz again next year.

Art Rock
Oct-17-2009, 06:48
The incident has not lived up to my (probably too high) expectations so far. Too much filler, too few highlights. Still one of the best albums of the year but after Fear of a blank planet (which I now rate as one of the 5 best albums ever made) it is a clear step back.

Oct-19-2009, 11:18
The concert was amazing, though they did not play Halo. :(
The first 55 minutes of the set was dedicated to the entire first cd of the album The Incident, and in the background they had a timed movie by Lasse Hoile playing throughout in true Pink Floyd essense. Second half of the set was dedicated to older songs. Wilson was of course amazing, on key and on beat throughout the entire show and drowning in emotion, but I surprised at how small he was! :P
The Harrison(drummer) was, of course, astoundingly tight throughout the experience, and John Wesley (guitar) seemed overjoyed whenever he got a chance to sing, at which he excells, it should be mentioned. Though his joy was a bit out of place next to Wilsons melancholy, it was a pleasure to watch, and he was drawing the eyes of the audience throughout. Richard Barbieri (keyboard) perfectly complemented the sound of the band, though he did not get much time to shine for himself. Colin Edwin (bassist) had the same amazing sound on his threadless as always, though he did miss a note in the beginning of the show. I was in the middle of the room more or less, so the sound was well balanced though I do not know how it was in the rest of the room. Drawing the Line, The Incident, Normal, and Anesthethise were the best songs live (matter of opinion I suppose) and drew the entire audience in.

The audience, by the way was an odd mesh. In the crowd I a few mohawks, and punk teenieboppers, some hippies, a few designer-clad middle-aged ladies, mili clothed guys, and a splurge of people who had a chance to appreciate pink floyd at its height, and obviously did :P. Ages were everywhere from 15 to 60, which created a very strange but pleasant atmosphere, which was welcoming of everyone. The mood was pretty mellow but pleasant throughout the concert, with focuse clearly on the music.

Fun note: One guy was yelling out "hell yeah" or something along those lines at one point when Wilson began to speak. He abruptly ended mid-sentence and said in a calm and (maybe too) quite voice "Excuse me, be quiet when I speak" and an awed hush fell over the crowd.

Oct-20-2009, 01:56
Thanks for that Buttercup, clearly they played a great show (no Halo is surprising though! In Melbourne last year, it was the very final song of the night). Sounds as though they're still attracting the same very mixed crowds too.

Fascinating that SW put a member of the crowd in their place, for him that's kind of ... wow! He's always seemed fairly level-headed in dealing with crowds (I enjoyed the brief banter with a crowd member at the end of the Arriving Somewhere DVD when he's announcing Trains).

I'm getting the impression that it's fairly important to them/him (by that I mean perhaps the band in general but certainly SW in particular) that people are taking in the full performance of The Incident. I noticed that a lot of the venues to date have been sit-down, theatre venues. Curious that he seems to be taking this album a lot more seriously than the previous. To be honest, I thought the subject matter of FOABP was generally far more serious and "intense" than The Incident. I hope he's not too burned by what's been a relatively lukewarm reception by fans (not that he really needs to care!! :D)

Re the Pink Floyd influence you mentioned earlier. It's true that sections of The Incident are obviously inspired by PF, but if you've heard any of Stupid Dream, I can think of at least 3 songs there that could easily have been penned by Gilmour, Wright, Mason and Waters. And it's known that SW was a fair PF fan so the influences are bound to crop up in some way or another. I agree with you that Porcupine Tree have captured it better than most, whilst still managing to inject a notable amount of originality.

Oct-21-2009, 18:36
The Incident, their last album is phenomenal, if you give it proper time, and so is Fear Of A Blank Planet, but if you want to get familiar with their music you might want to start with Stars Die. I love both sides of Porcupine Tree, but here is my review of Stars Die (from amazon.com) which lists some of their beautiful softer songs:

All of us who are not familiar with the first 7 years of Porcupine Tree's repertoire should get this compilation immidiately. It contains a lot of great music including many mellow atmospheric pieces Steven is such a master of. The entire 2cd collection just flows and you can listen to it for days without end. My very favorite songs here include Fadeway, Fuse The Sky, Rainy Taxi (this is one of my favorite pieces of all music), The Sky Moves Sideways, Radioactive Toy, Dark Matter, Stars Die. It is an awesome release which comes with a very nicely written story of Steven Wilson's teenage years and his early psychedelic work; talks about his musical influences and discribes the gunius of his talents, character strengths and his business sense. This double album is the most important Porcupine Tree release we all should have and a great way for us to find out if we feel the need to explore their past further. Please remember that Porcupine Tree's early years were very psychedelic and spacey, more accoustic and ambient and less bass and drum driven. I don't the Dream Theatre (another band I love) to be dissolutioned. Porcupine Tree is the rock music act on the scale of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Joy Division or Led Zeppelin. Steven Wilson is one of the most talented and ambitious musicians around and he has so much to offer to so many of us. If you like the softer side of his music (which i personally love) than you have to look into his other significant music project No-Man (Steven's collaboration with vocalist Steve Bowness, started before Porcupine Tree was even born). My 2 favorite No-Man albums are Together We're Stranger and Schoolyard Ghosts. You could get All The Blue Changes, which is a very similiar concept to Stars Die, a double retrospective album. If you like the harder and heavier side of Steven Wilson's music, well, Porcupine Tree is your band and some of their later albums are turning your direction more and more. Fear Of The Blank Planet is a great album as is their newest The Incident, which is full of everything and which probably requires a few more listens be able to get into it at depth. If you are a Porcupine Tree diehard lover, you should listen to another one of Steven Wilson's projects, the first album of Blackfield (Glow and Cloudy Now are my favorite songs on it). Coming back to Stars Die, if you like me are sensitive to the echoes of Pink Floyd's music, you will find your moments here, as for example in Voyage 34. You have reached your Pink Floyd Memorial and please research Porcupine Tree's earlier work further, as well as music of Mostly Autumn and RPWL. These 3 phenomenal bands could become your new home base from now on. If you happen to love the softer, more refine and emotional side of Porcupine Tree, listen to the songs dearest to me. Here is a list of songs I ended up selecting for my In And Out Of Dream compilation:
1. Fadeway
2. Fuse The Sky
3. Cloudy Now
4. Rainy Taxi
5. Glow - Mistakes
6. The Colour Of Air
7. I Find That I'm Not There
8. Lazarus
9. Glass Arm Shattering
10. .3
11. Radioactive Toy
12. Dark Matter
13. Heart Attack In A Layby
14. Always Never
After getting to know The Incident my plan was to remove Always Never and install Drawing The Line...somewhere. Now I am having second thoughts...There are too many great songs on The Incident and I might just wait a couple of years or add No-Man to the mix...

Apr-15-2010, 16:52
Hi all,

I'm a big fan of PT, and I have most of their albums. I saw them live 5 times, and I'm going to see them again on May 7th in Montreal.

I would like to recommend Nil Recurring, an EP that came out right after FOABP. It contains songs that were recorded during FOABP sessions, but didn't go with the concept. It contains 4 songs, and they're all very good. Particularly "What happens now", if you like complex rythms and awesome drum playing.

Have fun ! :)


Apr-16-2010, 05:09
me too.
nice to meet you.

Jun-29-2010, 00:12
Nothing like closing your eyes and listening to Deadwing start to finish. That'll put you in a mood.

Jun-11-2014, 16:15
Ummm... these threads about music don't seem to be very active do they?

Anyway, Porcupine tree is my favourite current progressive rock band, or I should say they were - unfortunately their most recent album was The Incident, released in 2009, and all the indications are that the band has been more or less put to bed. Steven Wilson's solo albums however are well worth investigating.

My favourite PT albums are:

Fear of a Blank Planet
Up the Downstair
Lightbulb Sun

but really, I like them all.