View Full Version : Take A Vacation South With The Latin-Flavored Music Of Jack Gates

Mar-19-2014, 17:40

Guitarist Jack Gates takes us on a long, exciting and varied journey with his latest recording, VOYAGE OF THE TROUBADOUR. Imagine taking a vacation in South America because all of the music on the CD is either overtly Latin-oriented or at the very least Latin influenced. You stop at a small cafe to hear a guitarist performing by himself (“The Walking Stick,” “Denouement” and “Delay Time”). You move on to nightclub where a small band (guitar, bass and drums) is playing and you groove to the jazzy “The Voyage” and the rocking “Hypnosis” (with a ripping electric guitar solo). Things are heating up as you head over to the park where a fiesta is in progress. On the bandstand is another Latin-jazz band also featuring a hot electric guitarist but with a female vocalist singing Latin wordless vocals on most tunes, but also a little English here and a bit of Portuguese there -- the fast and jazzy “The Drum Song” (with a short drum solo), the slower Brazilian-flavored “The Troubadour” and “New Geography.” It is as if Jack Gates recorded the music you heard on your tour of that town south of the United States, and he put it all on one album. Gates has studied Latin music for many years and played with many California-based Latin bands. He knows his stuff, but often does not incorporate it overtly, just slips in a little Brazilian lick here, an Argentinian motif there or an Afro-Cuban rhythm somewhere else, and before long you are hungering for a trip south to sun-filled days and rum-flavored nights. If you can’t get away on an actual vacation, this recording is the next best thing. Just close your eyes and let Jack be your tour guide. Check out his dot com at jackgatesmusic.