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May-04-2014, 10:32
Silvery Ghosts – Love & Other Ephemera

Album review by Dave Smiles

Those familiar with Kim’s previous albums Blue Alibi and Notorious Rainproof Smile will be pleased to hear the musical growth on his upcoming new album Love & Other Ephemera, which is released on June 9th.

The new album comes under the name Silvery Ghost, inspired by the music itself as it was being created in the studio. It’s a truly inspired and emotional piece of work created by a musician who’s been through much personal growth in the past few years. Much of the album’s lyrics and themes come from these experiences.
Joining Kim on the album is Kelli Scarr, best known for her work on Moby’s album Wait For Me. The up-tempo, yet minor key, feel of a track like Fine Ghosts give the two singers a chance to trade verses and blend their voices together like bringing colour to a black and white painting.
Ephemera is when something is useful for only a limited time, which is the exact opposite of the music on this album.