View Full Version : Seeking minor-keyed hymns / songs for church

May-19-2006, 21:30
Greetings, all. I am seeking minor-keyed hymns/songs to be played and sung in our church. Available instruments (played by yours truly only at the moment, hopefully an ensemble will be given) are piano, pipe-organ, tremolo harmonica, and soon, Alesis PS88 keyboard (I like modern synthesized string-section sounds, sometimes layered with piano). The long-term goal is to find, learn, and/or be given to write (my wife and I have been given to write a very few songs which have been well-received) songs of Christ in minor keys, music of compassion and music of humility and the fear of God. There are a very very few examples in traditional hymnody; if you're familiar, I'm talking about "And They'll Know We Are Christians", and a very few Christmas songs.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions or directions to look, we will be helped immensely. I have been told that some older western-European "high-church" hymns fit this description, but have not been able to confirm this or obtain any names or examples.

Sep-14-2006, 07:44
You might try this site: Mutopia: Browse by Instrument, Composer or Style (http://ibiblio.org/mutopia/browse.html) which offers free downloading. All music here is supposedly in public domain and there is a section for hymns.

There are many contemplative hymns in major keys too ...