View Full Version : Check Out Sanskrit-Folk-Singer CD By Nadaka & Gopika

Jul-09-2014, 17:24
The debut album by NADAKA & GOPIKA is called SURYA CHANTS OF LIGHT so, yes, the word CHANTS is right there is the title. But while the vocals on the first three tunes are high-quality traditional vedic mantra chants, you might be surprised when you listen to tracks four, five and seven because the group sounds like they are singing rather than chanting (even if the vocals ARE in sanskrit, a language no one has spoken in more than four-thousand years).

So this duo sounds like they are acoustic-guitar-playing folk-singers singing in a foreign language, and that is exactly what they are. Besides the guitar and occasional raga percussion, you also might be surprised by the electric jazz hollow-body guitar sound on the second and third tunes.

Dive into this new-age-world-fusion-folk album and listen to some of the best sanskrit singing around (although the last tune is instrumental, by the way).