View Full Version : Peruvian Hallucinogen Inspires New Ciro Hurtado Recording

Aug-01-2014, 14:04
A hallucinogenic vine (“ayahuasca”) from deep in the Peruvian rainforest inspired the new album by Latin acoustic guitarist CIRO HURTADO. The vine has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous natives as medicine and for spiritual enlightenment. Hurtado, who is from Peru, took this magical journey 30 years ago and it convinced him to become a professional musician. His new album is titled AYAHUASCA DREAMS (pronounced ah-yuh-WHAH-skuh). His last two albums were successful, but were mostly solo acoustic guitar, whereas this recording is an ensemble CD (except for one track) while maintaining its musical excellence. He also stretches out and plays a little electric guitar, and brings in some Spanish singers. And the album cover collage painting is amazing. Well worth checking out all the way around.