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Brad Stark
May-22-2006, 23:26

I’m a fairly new member and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce some of my music.

I’m a composer, and I’ve been writing since the age of 11. I’ve written quite a lot of music for different ensembles and I’ve dabbled in a few different styles.

I’d like to post some new pieces of mine on this site in the future, but in the meantime you can hear several samples of my work here:

www.download.com/bradstark (http://www.download.com/bradstark)

I have two pieces that try to emulate the styles of Bach and Chopin that you might be interested to check out. There are also some pieces for string orchestra, solo piano, string quartet, and part of a sonata for viola and piano.

I’d be pleased to receive any feedback

Thanks for reading/listening


Jan-23-2008, 15:44
Hi Brad

I have heard your double fugue. Nice piece and nice organ sound. Is it a true organ or a virtual one ?

Robert Newman
Dec-08-2008, 00:30
Hi there Brad,

I listened to your Double Fugue in D Minor in the style of Bach (2004) and will listen soon to some other pieces you've written. It's really good.

Jan-18-2009, 18:37