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Ian Moore
Sep-16-2014, 21:17
I hope you will enjoy another work of mine. Inspired by the French symbolist poet, Charles Baudelaire, "La Mort des Artistes" is an attempt to create complete unity between poetry and music. It is sung by the alto voice, Rachel Fisher.

It is a live recording in a church and the quiet passages are almost silent.


Ian Moore
Sep-21-2014, 08:47
I forgot to add that this work is the middle section of three. The last one has been performed and I may post later. The first section has not been finished.

Sep-23-2014, 08:58
I don't know what to say :eek: ............

Ian Moore
Sep-24-2014, 18:16
Well say something...please:crazy:

Sep-24-2014, 22:51
OK, I can't say how good or bad this work is, I just don't dig this type of music it has a vague tonality similarity to Brittens operas which also leave me cold and bewildered. I think it may appeal to a small percentage of music lovers. That's about all I can say.

Sep-25-2014, 00:52
The work certainly requires lots of expertise on the part of the vocalist - dealing with those changing time signatures would be next to impossible for me to even attempt, even as a work for keyboard.

It's definitely modern classical ... but in all honesty, it doesn't "do" anything for me, nor does it have any appeal to my musical tastes ... and I'm all for trying to accept new music as it comes along.

There are, most likely, other musicians that would find this enjoyable, but I'm not one of them ... sorry ... :crazy:

Ian Moore
Sep-25-2014, 17:57
You don't have to be sorry; you're only being honest.