View Full Version : Moving to a "dedicated" server!!

Frederik Magle
Jun-04-2006, 20:40
I am very happy to announce that Magle International Music Forums will be moved to a "dedicated server" tomorrow (Monday June 5th) or the day after (Tuesday june 6th). Until now, the site has been hosted on a so called "shared" hosting plan (this is the normal that 99.9% of all websites are hosted on), meaning that I have bought hosting by a company providing a shared space on one of their servers (a server is just a computer that has been build/configured and/or setup especially to function as a server to other computers/the web). On the same computer up to maybe 100 or more websites can be hosted only limited by harddisk space, bandwith and CPU processing power.

And, as most of you probably have noticed, processing power has been limited so far. The site has ranged in speed from acceptable to downright sluggish, but this should be a thing of the past very soon (crossing fingers ;)).

What I have done is that I have bought a computer that will be set up to exclusively host this site (and a few other smaller sites that I own) on an extremely fast line with virtually unlimited bandwith. It's outrageously expensive (especially the monthly rent), but I believe it to be necessary for this site to truly bloom!

The computer itself features a CoreDual intel 2x 1.66GHz processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM, 80 + 160 GB of harddisk space, gigabit ethernet, running Mac OS X (newest versions of apache2, MySQL, php, etc.)

I will keep you posted on the progress, but I'm sure you'll notice when the site is moved nomatter what :)

Kind regards,