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May-09-2015, 09:59
HI, as a recent member, it seems a pity most have deserted the place, not very much traffic going on. What a shame as this obviously has been a lovely busy website. Hope it picks up again.


May-09-2015, 18:57
Me too :crazy:!!

Some long time members have disappeared into the woodwork ...

It's okay to advertise and promote this site. I have my outgoing email setup with a signature that includes this site's url.

Ella Beck
Oct-10-2018, 17:07
I am enjoying reading and posting on this site - it has some forums that are quite different from Tallk Classical, my usual stamping ground. I am intrigued by the titles awarded after so many posts. Who on earth dreamed those up? :)

Ella Beck
Oct-10-2018, 18:59
Having seen these titles, I am going to get to 50 as soon as I can so I can get into all the forums & achieve junior officer status - I surmise that's what's coming and will be bitterly disappointed if I'm wrong.

Ella Beck
Oct-10-2018, 19:00
And then once I can get into the Officer's Mess, I'm going to chill out and only post a couple of times a day at most.
Hold me to that! :)

Ella Beck
Oct-10-2018, 19:09
Yikes - I now have 50 posts and am an 'ensign', but though I can read the index of the Officer's Mess, I can't read the actual posts, despite what it says on the tin about 'fifty posts or more'.
What do I do now? :confused:

Ella Beck
Oct-10-2018, 19:38
What I did do was write to the Administrator - then almost at once, had to write a letter of apology.
Because I can access the Officer's Mess now.
Opened Sesame. :)

Oct-11-2018, 14:53
The only way to enliven the forum is to post.

Ella Beck
Oct-15-2018, 11:05
The only way to enliven the forum is to post.

I agree - but the 'critical mass' of posters available has probably fallen too low, as another post that I was reading puts it.

Ella Beck
Oct-15-2018, 11:22
It's dismaying to realise that the OP was posted three years ago, and things have only got worse.