View Full Version : Sketch for orchestra - Ian Moore

Ian Moore
Jul-11-2015, 18:03
Reactions to my orchestration would be appreciated. Sketch for orchestra is performed by WES Orchestra.


Ian Moore
Jul-12-2015, 12:46
I forgot to mention: please make a comment; especially about the orchestration.

Jul-12-2015, 18:47
for myself is too short to render a good opinion.. can hear a sorta theme but a lot of embellishments between parts even I thin hear the theme intertwined. Look forward to hearing a longer developed rendition.

Ian Moore
Jul-13-2015, 21:42
As you say, it is just a sketch. I am working on it at the moment.

Ian Moore
Jul-23-2015, 07:14
Any more reactions?

Jul-24-2015, 01:52
Oooh, I really liked what I heard. Will be anxious to hear more when it's available.

Ian Moore
Jul-24-2015, 07:37
Thank you. It is only a very short sketch of the real piece.