View Full Version : Watch Me Make A Beat In My Music Studio (New VIDEO)

Jan-09-2018, 17:20
Hey guys, I’m a professional music producer and audio engineer. I recently released a video where I make a beat inside of my music studio. All feedback is more than welcomed! As always, I hope this brings you guys some sort of value! <3


Jan-16-2018, 16:33
Wow, this is an awesome reply. I appreciate you taking the time to write all of this out. I'm a huge fan of Earth, Wind, and Fire & Prince. My sound is definitely a mix of old school musicians and modern day legends alike. I appreciate everything you just told me. You write quite poetically? But that makes what you say twice as interesting. I'll start singing and rapping over my new beats. That's a great suggestion. I honestly appreciate everything you said. And you're right, I need to go after being a stage performer while I'm young. Thanks so much John!