View Full Version : Happy New Year 2019!

Frederik Magle
Dec-31-2018, 23:32
It's almost new year here in Denmark, and I just want to wish all members and staff of MIMF a happy and joyful new year!! :cheers::cheers::guitar::)

All the best,

Jan-01-2019, 06:52
:cheers::cheers: I send the Best to you and your family,and friends on MIMF for 2019

Ella Beck
Jan-01-2019, 10:17
Happy New Year, Mr Magle - wishing you health and happiness.
Thank you for MIMF & TC - I have found them so helpful.

Jan-03-2019, 06:23
A blessed happy and healthy New Year, Mr. Magle and family. Thank you for your wonderful music forums.