View Full Version : Bad things happen in life.

Feb-25-2019, 11:05
This video clip reminds me of when I fell/rolled down a hill when I was a kid. A bit bruised and scuffed knees, but ok.


Feb-26-2019, 08:24
The video shows a man falling down a hill , I think it's from some movie. I'll try see if I can make it visible as you say it didn't work for you.

When you say the spear went up into your neck and you didn't bleed and you could put your finger into to it, is extraordinary, and very nearly fatal for you according to the doctor.

But putting all the dangers aside, I think that before computers and cell phones , we grew up in the best of times, , outdoors adventures most of the time, great seaside holidays, etc. free from all the modern technology. I think I owe my good health to my happy childhood environment.

Feb-26-2019, 20:31
Darn, I can't delete or edit that video above, So I'll just have to leave it.

Here is another of some kids having fun falling down a hill.