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Johnny mclaren
Apr-14-2020, 08:58
Hey, I'm Not Sure Where to Post This so I'll Just Post It Here. My Opa Who Used to Play Tuba Recently Passed Away. I'm Honestly Confused as to What Instruments He Even Had... Tuba/Baritone/Euphorium...and My Oma Could Really Use Some Money So Shes Asked Me to Help Her Sell Them. Neither Her or I Know Very Much About Tubas So I Was Hoping I Could Write This Post and Get Any Information Anyone Might Know About Them. I Cant Seem to Be Able to Post Any Pictures But Would Be Willing to Email Them to Anyone If It Helps, Thanks.
The Makes And Models Go as Follows:

Caravelle Deg Products Don E Getzeti Lake Wis. USA
Swiss Made

Boosey and Hawkes Imperial
Made in England

Miraphone Perinet Made in Germany 12949