View Full Version : And the Wind Came Upon the Jonquils in Spring

Aug-02-2006, 05:24
Here are my two latest works for orchestra:

I imagined the cool Spring wind passing over a field of Jonquils (Daffodils), swirling and sweeping past; ever-moving, ever-changing, and then back to the sky where it will travel on for eternity.

And the Wind Came Upon the Jonquils in Spring


Hymn for a New World was inspired by the idea of a celebration of world peace. I imagined thousands of people gathered together to partake, experiencing it as a global community. The climax represents a dove, a symbol of peace, being released. Crowds of people cheer. At last, with the building of the last chord, they realize there is hope for a 'new world'.

Hymn for a New World


I wrote these very quickly, so I would love any critiques you might have. Hope you enjoy.



Dec-14-2009, 05:51
You have got to be a pro. You wrote these quickly... and they flow so well. I can't even write two sentences and make them flow. I can just see the camera rising over the American landscape. All in wide screen. Gorgeous.

Aug-05-2010, 18:47
Very enjoyable catoliver. I particularly liked Hymn for a New World. Look forward to hearing more of your work.


Aug-12-2010, 02:48
Yeah, those would be great a great score for a movie

Aug-12-2010, 04:59
You need to develop your own voice ... listen to the music of Brahms, Messiaen, Sculthorpe and Hindemith and you instantly know who the composer was.