View Full Version : Pingback & Trackback to/from Magle International Music Forums!

Frederik Magle
Aug-22-2006, 16:38
This is a great new feature that I can strongly recommend all members use when appropriate.

Most "bloggers" will already know what this is, but basically it means that your posts can act in the same way as blog postings, and whenever you quote/reference/link any other blog sites (or other sites with a ping/trackback system) you can send a trackback, which will add a link back to your post, letting the blogger know that you link to his/her blog.

It goes the other way round as well, so bloggers that link to a post in Magle International Music Forums can get a back link from here. (Note any pings or trackbacks will have to be approved by a moderator in order to avoid spam). This is a great way to interconnect information and generate more traffic for all involved in symbiose.

Anyhow, you can read a much better and more detailed explanation, along with easy instructions on how to use the system, on the Ping/Trackback page (http://www.magle.dk/music-forums/misc.php?do=pingtrackback)

Best regards,