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Frederik Magle
Aug-31-2006, 12:05
For those of you who uses digg.com, there is now a fast and easy solution to »digg« a post. When you click on the »digg icon« it takes you to the digg.com submission page and automatically loads the URL in the correct form:


Note: you need to log in on digg.com for this function to work.

For those who does not yet know about digg, it's basically a place where users (that's you :)) can submit content - for example a link to a post here - and have other users vote and comment on it. It's an internet phenomenon that has gained incredible popularity lately, so check it out and please digg your favorite posts here on Magle International Music Forums! :cool:

Here's a couple of suggestions, on the top of my head, for the kind of posts to digg:
• Interesting threads with unique content and/or intriguing discussions.
• Interesting articles, reviews, etc.
• Your own music (or other artistic creations) as posted in the "Music & Websites Reviews" forum


Kind regards,

Mar-19-2007, 13:52
Hello Frederik. I actually have a question for you, or anyone else who uses digg.com. I have been reading some information about the site and how it works as I've wanted to use it for several forums, etc. I was reading that many people are unhappy with the service because it's gotten to big and they are cutting out a lot of the blog posts. Do you know if this is true so that it's not a waste of time for all of us?
Thanks kindly!

Mar-20-2007, 01:15
I found this on the digg.com site which might explain why some posts are being cut:

New submissions live in the Upcoming section for between 12-24 hours, depending on the popularity of the topic they fall under. After 12-24 hours, if the story has not been promoted to the homepage (become popular), it falls out of the queue.
Submissions can also be removed by users with the "Bury Story" feature within Digg. Once a story receives enough "buries," it is automatically removed from the Digg Upcoming or Popular sections. The number of reports required to bury is based on a sliding scale that takes several factors into consideration (such as number of Diggs, reports, time of day, topic submitted to, etc.). Buried stories can still be found the profiles of users who have Dugg the story; you can also find them by doing a search.
-- end of quote --

I'm going to try it for myself and see what happens - membership is free and I gather that logging into digg.com is a prerequisite to "digging" a post there. If something adverse happens, I'll relay that info back here.