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Sep-21-2006, 13:28
The Organised Bride (CD Audio)

I was delighted to see a new CD of wedding music played on classical organ. I bought my copy direct from the record company (Wedding Music, Wedding Band Music, The Organised Bride CD- Wedding Ceremony Music (http://www.organisedbride.com)) for £11.99. This included post and packing.

The CD contains 40 tracks, including all the classics you would expect (eg. Queen of Sheba, Toccata in F Major by Widor etc). However, at 40 tracks I was uncertain what to expect.

Certainly each track has been arranged for weddings, so most are abridged versions. That seems to have been the only way to squeeze 40 tracks on the CD. Some of the arrangements work really well, others maybe less so. The recording quality, however, is excellent. It was recorded in Glasgow, Scotland on a Wyvern digital (there was no tech. spec. on the site unfortunately). The playing is by a Scottish organist called Malcolm Sim and is, throughout, consistently good.

I don't know what else to add?! If anyone wants more info please add a message! I haven't reviewed a CD before! I think it's a nice sounding collection of classic organ pieces and well worth considering if any readers are in the market for a new CD.

The tracklisting is on the website.

I'd give the disc 4.5 stars out of 6!



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