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Oct-28-2006, 00:21
hello people. Been awhile since I dropped by last time. I've got new goodies that I've made. Got signed by Galerie Cobra, who bought a series of pictures from me.

Watering the Fields of Elysium
http://www.opusforum.dk/galleri/albums/userpics/watering_the_fields_of_elysium_update.jpg printed 277 x 130 cm on canvas

If Heaven Won...
http://www.opusforum.dk/galleri/albums/userpics/if_heaven_won_final.jpg printed 265 x 130 cm on canvas

Revelation of the Seraphim
http://www.opusforum.dk/galleri/albums/userpics/revelation_final.jpg printed 201 x 80 cm on canvas

All pictures are made in Painter IX and color corrected in Photoshop.

Also did this other series for a private customer, but I only post the link for the series, since the content is a little "explicit"
Digital Blasphemy. Warning: some of the pictures contain nudity and some are rather obscene and blasphemic (http://www.opusforum.dk/galleri/thumbnails.php?album=158)

Jan-03-2008, 06:00
Priest - your art is wonerful, love it.

Jan-03-2008, 14:15
Hi Priest

You have some very good artwork there. I like it very much


Jan-15-2008, 09:50
Hi Priest

Strong colours in an almost psychedelic vision of something dangerous or threatening. It reminds me of some of the work by Salvador Dali. AWESOME pictures Priest. Keep up the good work for your continued artistic success.

Best regards,