View Full Version : choose Sibelius or Finale then Cubase?help needed

Jan-08-2007, 10:56
I am a pianist ( not much good anymore)
I want to record Chopin Spianato op22 with orchestra. "Music minus one" does not have the orchestra part for this piece.
Can i create the orchestra part in a notation software using the original orchestra score of that piece then... well, i don't know what next. Please help. I obviously need to make this computerized orchestra sound like orchestra so i guess the cubase is the program. Please confirm this.
But then i need to put it somehow on CD, put the headphones and play along on my grand then back somewhere to PC and put things together.
Can somebody give me directions where to start from, pretty please? Thus far i am learning Sibelius as i guessed that is the a starting point but then???

Jan-31-2007, 19:17
I know a bit about each of these programs. I might be able to help. What is your main objective? scoring, recording, playalong recording...?

For the moment I am looking for a used and discounted copy of Sibelius composing software. I am doing writing and arranging for Jazz groups and I find Sibelius the easiest to use.
Any ideas?
All the best