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Frederik Magle
Jan-10-2007, 20:37
I think the time is right now, so I have decided to add a new Jazz Forum (http://www.magle.dk/music-forums/jazz-forum/). After all I'm sure a lot a people here likes jazz music so it can carry it's own forum, instead of "just" being part of the "general music discussion".

Anyhow, now it's here I hope any of you who likes jazz music will use it and get a lot of interesting discussions going about all that jazz ;) (I've moved the jazz related threads from the general music forum into the new jazz forum, so it's not quite empty)

Best regards,

Art Rock
Jan-11-2007, 12:38
Cool. A forum for my dog.
Meet Jazz. :)

Frederik Magle
Jan-11-2007, 15:38

Don't say I don't do something for the members of this community, and their pets! :)

(but on second thought maybe making a forum for each pet belonging to a member of this forum, may just be slightly too ambitious... I think we'll just have to leave it with Jazz's forum - sweet dog btw.!)