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Feb-03-2007, 01:09
Just When You Thought the Racism Row was Over...
One of the interesting things about publishing and promoting new music
is the reactions that occur around the world. In November, we created
a stir on Google when we published our experiences contacting UK
record shops listed in 'Classic Rock' magazine. Unlike shops,
distributors and radio stations abroad (who had no inhibitions
contacting us) the UK response - to put it bluntly - was a bit like
trying to wake up a corpse.

In this Newsletter, we revisit what has been happening worldwide and
provide links to chart topping tracks. It is fascinating to compare
the reactions from different sources and here we report the feedback
published in magazines, on web-sites and posted to message boards. We
can't publish everything, so we've taken a representative sample (both
good and bad).

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