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May-21-2004, 01:31
I guess it's the first time a composer put over 30 min of a rejected score on his website http://www.gabrielyared.com/ (News). Once more it's a shame how Hollywood studios care about filmmusic. As you can read in Yared's comment on the same site his score had been regarded as "too old fashioned". Everybody who compare Horner's 2-week score to Yared's 1-year work, will be very disappointed by the studio's decision. So have a listen to Yared's Troy!
Unfortunately the quality of the flash clips is quite low. I really hope there will be an official release one day!

John Findlay
Jun-04-2004, 15:49
I heard about that thru a fellow musician before the release of the film-I didn't remember what movie he said tho.
I've never scored a movie but in general music for "picture" is either tossed aside or is over-emphasized due to various paranoia film editors or directors might have about their show.

The same happened for Kubricks 2001-Alex North was hired to replace the "temp" music-it got recorded [back then there were no demo's]-entirely and Kubrick stuck with his temp stuff.I have a CD of North's score -it's stellar[ pun intended!]
North did Spartacus and many huge 50's -60's scores.

Can't wait to hear the original Troy score.



Jul-22-2005, 01:04
Gabriel Yared is so talented. One of my favorites of his is a film called, "City of Angels." The movie is gorgeous, and the score? Wow. https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Frederik Magle
Aug-01-2005, 00:29
I've got the soundtrack from "City of Angels" (did I happen to mention I collect soundtracks?... https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif). Though the movie is not really my favorite for various reasons, I do find the soundtrack very appropraite and filled with good tracks, not only the score (which I agree is very good), but also the "songs" f.ex. "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan and "I Grieve" by Peter Gabriel. Good stuff!

Aug-01-2005, 06:20
Well, gee, who would have thought you'd be one to collect soundtracks? https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

True, the soundtrack is quite appropriate, (ex. - If God Will Send His Angels; Angel, etc.) I find that the score is so passionate and moving. Very good stuff, you're right.

My favorite of the non-score tracks would have to be "Iris," by the Goo Goo Dolls. (Their name does confuse me though...;))