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Jun-02-2004, 23:50

Dope Stars Inc.
From the official site:

Young, loud and synthetized. That's Dope Stars Inc., a brand-new,
dirty,vicious drug made of neon lights and Tokyo debauchery. You have been warned.

The band was born when two dressed in black and motley-looking
guys on heavy make up and leather charm met in a club in Helsinki city in summer 2002 to raise some hell. 4 A.M:, adrenachaos rising, bodies sweating, hearts beating. They had a dream: creating a rock ‘n’ roll band with a gritty, highly seducing blend of punk attitude and industrial sonic attack. Machines meet sweat and blood: enter the matrix, neuromancer,rust. Theta Division growing. Darin Yevonde and Grace Khold met and that was hell on earth. Darin Yevonde and Grace Khold met and Dead Girls Inc.was born: empty bottles. Clove cigarettes. Wasted dawns.

Adore the future, worship revolution.

Soon they had to leave back home but that idea never died. It was just time to look for other hip muthaFunnykers to join the chrome-family. It was the right time for Victor, a weird, eclectic dude of all work, already playing in goth-pop sensation My Sixth Shadow and Metal act Chaos Zero. Grace knew he was the right man since the first time they met and damn if he was right: they came along so well that Vic decided to join the band right away,driven by such a hi-passion for electronic music and rock attitude. In the meantime the name of the band changed into Dope Stars Inc. since there was another industrial band in the L.A. area called Dead Girls Corp. and we didn’t want to have any troubles with that. Respect.

Three was a cool number for an industrial band (Skinny Puppy anyone?) but then Brian came to bring some more glamour. Or rather Grace and Vic found him in a well-known goth club in Rome. Pretty hard not to notice him. They were actually looking for a frontman and belive me, Brian would have been Funnyking perfect, huge as hell and totally crazy but he was a guitar player… He had their same point of view about music and how a band should have sounded and looked like. No reason to leave him there. Hello hello, welcome
to the dope party!

Everything was ready then. Things were getting bigger and bigger. Rumours growing. Stars about to explode. In June 2003 Grace moved to hot Rome and started working with Victor on their first, raw and powerful release,“10,000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasures”, a storming melting pot of industrial overloads, R'n'R razor-shaped guitars, goth decadence, fast and furious punk attitude, pop melodies and techno hammer-beats, like if KMFDM played as wild as Motley Crue or Dead Boys. Recording was such a carnage, Grace sleeping on the floor, Victor smashing guitars and computers, Darin travelling
all time, drinking too much redbull to stay awake. Those were weeks of lust,wild parties and good morning headaches, but Dope Stars always on the track,guitars roaring and machines burning. Now they’re ready. A new breed of overdriven electro-dandies is born. Funnyk yeah.

Grace Khold:

Victor Love:

Darin Yevonde:

Brian Wolfram:

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Here. Those all have the information that you would like to know of the band! well, maybe not ALL of the information, but its as close as you can get without sleeping with them

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Robert Spriggs
Nov-10-2004, 20:28
Looks interresting!

Nov-21-2004, 23:25
Yes this band looks and listens interessting

Nov-21-2004, 23:26
They serdenly have some potential

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