View Full Version : Lots of small updates today

Frederik Magle
Apr-21-2007, 13:47
I've been doing a lot of minor updates to the software today, updating various modifications (including vBSEO) and I' will be updating the Gallery software to the latest version in a few minutes. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, but please report any problems or abnormalities you encounter, thanks.


EDIT: I've completed updating the Gallery software. Some new functionality have been added, amongst others a new "slideshow" function. Click on this icon: http://www.magle.dk/music-forums/gallery/images/slideshow.gif and you can view the content of each category as a slideshow (with your own custom settings).

Apr-21-2007, 22:42
Hi Frederik,
Thanks for all the updated software ... that slide show feature is really a great addition. We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to this forum.

Frederik Magle
Apr-22-2007, 10:47
Thanks Lars!

I can only say the appreciation of the hard work is mutual!! :)

Best regards,