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Jun-23-2004, 06:46
Evening all! Just wanted you guys to check out Edwin McCain's new Cd Sream & Whisper. Great new music from an incredible artist!

Check it out here! [removed] https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/up.gif

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Jun-23-2004, 08:42
Hi MSgirl77

Welcome aboard.
Would it be possible for you to elaborate on what makes this artist incredible and his new music great?
We pride ourselves, here on Magle International Music Forums, in having good discussions and a variety of topics - and we're always interested in hearing about something new... but there should also be some guidelines when posting here, else we'll be "overun" by seemingly great artists, who are in great number, but who we know very little about.
It's not that posts such as these are "in violation" of anything, but it would be so much better if you could introduce the artist to the rest of us instead of just posting a link to a, hither to, unknown artists site - especially if it's one of your first posts.
Also, posts filled with spam (unwanted advertisements with intent to sell) will be deleted on sight - this not being the case here, just have it in mind. We don't mind these "adds" (that much) when they are in some way related to previous discussion or spring naturally form a discussion.

I hope you'll take a little time to write a bit about Edwin McCain and why you want us to listen to him.

Once again, welcome,
MIMF Regulator

Jun-27-2004, 00:55
Hi there ,

While I didn't post the original post here about Edwin McCain, I will say that having been a fan of his music for many years I can hope to answer your questions. Edwin McCain has been creating and playing music for over a decade now. Along with his hard touring band, they play over 200 shows a year and have a solid fan base which are likely to travel great distances just to listen to anything these musicians want to play. Edwin McCain has a soulful and entertaining way of storytelling both through a song and during his live performances.

As for his seventh album that just came out, Scream and Whisper, the two words that best describe this album are honest and powerful. The song writing combination of Edwin McCain and Pete Riley, who pens several of the songs, works wonderfully offering depth and lyrical honesty to the record. Each track is skillfully produced to focus on the wealth of talent the band offers. If there was any doubt that each of these musicians is a stand alone musician and some of the best in their respective fields, this album should easy dispel any lingering doubts. The songs are thankfully not overproduced and highlights the band as they are and their unique style.

For a new fan or old, this record promises to never disappoint. An equal mix of poignant ballads and high energy rock and roll, the tempo and flow of the album is wonderful and ends leaving the listener wanting more, eager to listen again and again. The lyrics which accompany are at times poignant and socially responsible, from the soulful White Crosses about the plight of Mexican Immigrants to Good Enough, referring to heartbreaking racism for black musicians. Edwin's voice reaches his fans and listeners with his clear, powerful singing and vivid lyrical imagery. Could Not Love You More is a soulful and touching ballad, sure to be of Could Not Ask For More fame.

I still have chills listening to several songs on the record and after 6 albums this band is merely hitting their well worn stride. I hope everyone realizes this album is an honest portrayal of incredibly talented and wonderful artists. For old and new fans alike, this album touches, and will not disappoint.

If anyone is interested in reading more about this great artist, his website is www.edwin.com (http://www.edwin.com)
and a complete bio which describes where he's coming from on this incredible album can be found there as well.

I would encourage everyone to check out this great artist.

Thank you!

Mar-09-2007, 07:47
Kaasa, great response. I have not been a fan as long as you have, but I was introduced to him about 3 or 4 years ago. I find him very refreshing as he is not just a cardboard copy of other artists in his genre, wrapped up beautifully by his record company. His voice is unforgettable, and beautiful, yet has a little bit of an edge that makes him unique. For all those men who want to woo their ladies, I suggest his song 'I'll Be'. It'll work. I promise.;)