View Full Version : Wickedly Cheap Organs; A 5.00 one even!!

Apr-23-2007, 21:15
Ebay. I've purchased two organs (A Conn and a Wurlitzer) on Ebay. Its beautiful. And both of these were for under three hundred dollars!! This is a real great deal. I also have an Allen of equal value at a music store for.... $2,000? In comparison, I'd say that Ebay fares a good deal. I got two theatre organs there, but I've also seen many fair priced church organs as well.

And I'm serious, I saw an old beat up organ for $.95 on there. Not kidding (I think its still up). Theres only one problem, most organs are pickup only because of their size. We live in Michigan and we had to go to Kansas to get my Conn, but thankfully the Wurlitzer was near us. But its totally worth it. So check it out! Its awesome. Feel free to send me a PM.