View Full Version : Anyone heard of Rich Shapero?

May-03-2007, 23:07
Been listening to an album by Rich Shapero called "Wild Animus - The Ram", anyone heard of it? Very daring album that ignores fashion and doesn’t try to conform to any trends. It blends traditional style acoustic folk playing with a haunting neo-grunge vibe, which makes for a very unique and interesting listen. It’s not one of those “issue” albums where you listen to it all the way through once, and then you’re done. This one will take awhile to get old. Some pretty good musicians on it, too - my favorite of which is Marc Ribot the avant-garde guitarist.

May-08-2007, 02:33
Hi Porky

I've just come back from New Orleans Jazz Fest, and a copy of Rich Shapero's 'Wild Animus - The Ram' was thrust into my hand as I left the fairgrounds. Being a sucker for freebies, I accepted of course. Now, back in London, I'm listening to it now for the first time. Before I comment though, all I wrote back to say was that I note both Marc Ribot (guitar) and Jim Keltner (drums, Ry Cooder etc) are on the disc, otherwise I would probably have tossed it in the bin! Also the great Airto Moreira (late 60's Miles Davis band) so there are indeed some estimable musicians featured on the CD. Just wanted to note though that the performance I saw at NOJF that may have had something to do with having this CD handed to me was seeing T-Bone Burnett on the Gentilly Stage, who had both Ribot and Keltner playing with him in a superb alt-country set that rocked the house. No need, T-Bone, to apologise to the audience for maybe being "too jagged" - it was a superb set.

best, Shane