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Jun-11-2007, 21:33
What would you recommend?

Some of my suggestions for someone who wants "serious" World Music would be these:

- EDU LOBO => Brazilian music at the best (especially his wonderful album "Corrupião")

- DUOFEL => Great instrumental Brazilian music

- LOS JAIVAS => Great andean folk/rock group (from Chile)

- LUAR NA LUBRE => Celtic/Gaelic music ("Cabo do Mundo" and "Plenilunio" are brilliant)

- MILLADOIRO => Another Celtic/Gaelic group (also from Spain)

- AFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEM => Awesome combination of Irish melodies with African drumlines

- RAVI SHANKAR => Indian ("Passages", in collaboration with Philip Glass, is absolutely great)

- U.SRINIVAS => Indian (his album "Dream", featuring canadian guitarrist Michael Brook, is simply brilliant)

- NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN => Pakistan ("Night Song", in collaboration with Michael Brook, is also great)

- HECTOR ZAZOU => a mix of music from everywhere; BRILLIANT!!! (especially the albums "Lights in the Dark", "Sahara Blue" & "Songs from the Cold Seas")

- DADAVA => Chinese/Tibetan music (her album "Sister Drum" is awesome)


- JESSE COOK => Nouveau Flamenco

- MIGUEL SANCHEZ - Thalisma (Flamenco; a very good sounding cd)

- BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA - S/T (orchestral Indian music + electronica; brilliant)

Kind regards,

Jun-12-2007, 08:10
Tom Ze(Brazil)
Thomas Mapfumo(Zimbabwe)

Jun-12-2007, 09:03
I am not sure what world music is, but these 3 records could be I think. They are all made in best sound quality, really fantastic. So is the music.

Nguyen Le Dous – Homescape / Paolo Fresu, Dhafer Youssef - ACT 9444-2
http://www.actmusic.com/images/album_main/Cover_ACT_9444_2.JPG (http://www.actmusic.com/images/album_main/Cover_ACT_9444_2.JPG)

http://www.marecordings.com/cd_images/M062A.jpg (http://www.marecordings.com/cd_images/M062A.jpg)
Lidia Borda: voz / voice
Santiago Vazquez: percusión / percussion, mbira y / and efectos / effects
Marcelo Moguilevsky: clarinete / clarinet, clarinete bajo / bass clarinet, flautas dulces /
recorders, armónica / harmonica y / and silbido / whistling
Edgardo Cardozo: guitarra / guitar, requinto , guitarrón, tiple y / and voz / voice
Martin lannaccone: cello y / and voz / voice
Gabriel Rivano: bandoneón
http://www.marecordings.com/cd_images/M070A.jpg (http://www.marecordings.com/cd_images/M070A.jpg)
http://www.marecordings.com/cd_images/M070A2.jpg (http://www.marecordings.com/cd_images/M070A2.jpg)
llama", pronounced "yama" in English and means either "flame" or "fire" is, to the best of my knowledge, the only recording to date in which the "Hang" is featured prominently, in this case, the only instrument, except for the wonderful voice of Sílvia Pérez Cruz. The "Hang" of course, are the UFO-like instruments under the garden gloves pictured on the cover of this album.

Jun-15-2007, 08:15
JLS and ses., thanks for the contributions. :up:

I will second the Tom Zé suggestion, great stuff indeed. :cool:

Jun-19-2007, 07:30
I will second the Tom Zé suggestion, great stuff indeed. :cool:

Definitely my favorite Brazilian artist. Saw him in concert a few years ago here in Los Angeles. Great show.

I think Geraes is probably my favorite Brazilian album, but Estudando o Samba is close.


Jun-21-2007, 11:58
Hi Proger
I will prefer RAVI SHANKAR (Indian), KIYOSHI YOSHIDA (Japanese), DADAVA (Chinese/Tibetan music) and EDU LOBO (Brazilian).

Cherish Country western music And dig on Alternative rock (http://www.ez-tracks.com/rock-subcat-alternative%20rock.html)

Jun-21-2007, 23:40
Hi Proger
I will prefer RAVI SHANKAR (Indian), KIYOSHI YOSHIDA (Japanese), DADAVA (Chinese/Tibetan music) and EDU LOBO (Brazilian).

Hi, Andrew,

Very glad to meet another fan of these four great artists. :up: :tiphat:

Kind regards,