View Full Version : Jerry Goldsmith :10th of Feburary 1929 - 21st of July 2004

Jul-23-2004, 11:21
It's with great sorrow I write this post to you here on MIMF. As I've just recently learned that the composer Jerry Goldsmith, who's been making music for movies for over 50 years, died 2 days ago, on wednesday the 21st of June from cancer.

Long live his memory, and music.

For information on his music:

Frederik Magle
Jul-25-2004, 13:50
This is indeed very sad news! Jerry Goldsmith was one of the absolutely greatests film-composers in history - and one of my personal favorites, if not the. It's a great loss, but luckily his memory will live for ever through his wonderful music.

Rest In Peace

Jul-05-2005, 23:46
Jerry Goldsmith was a really great composer and musician.
I guess i am little bit late to agree on this, but then again i just got here and it would be a shame to let this thread die and be forgotten. Let us carry the memory of ole' Jerry a little bit further by listening to his great music a little bit more often.
I personally enjoy the music he made for the movie The 13th Warrior

Sep-05-2005, 10:56
I know his work with Star Trek (as my parents are both Trekkies) and I always thought it was brilliant.

It's so tragic...