Aug-02-2004, 01:25
Download SC2K4 RANTS HERE!

Aug-02-2004, 01:25
click the attachment in the first post to download it...

Aug-02-2004, 17:45
Thanks Chaos for uploading the first one. Here's the second one between me and my brother Lou.

Frederik Magle
Aug-02-2004, 19:20
Hi ChaosTony and dannot, and welcome to MIMF.dk! https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cheers444.gif
Please tell us a little more about what these audio-files and "SC2K4" are about. I know I can download them, but I think think most people would like to have a little more info first.

Aug-02-2004, 21:21
Well, SC2K4 stands for Summer Contest 2004, which is currently a video game character contest going on at gamefaqs.com. Most people do analysis in text form and i thought it woud be cool to do it in audio form and be a tad different.
Tony told me about this site, and since my geocities site is down, i figured this would be a nice place to host the rants.
This is a site that seems to enjoy its humor, unlike other sites I have been to in the past, so I figured this, as well as gamefaqs, would make a good audience for these rants which have devised by my brother and I.

By the way, good luck with the composing.


Aug-05-2004, 16:50
this is episode 5 of SC2K4 rant, they skipped 3 and 4 but they continued today.

Aug-05-2004, 17:13
This is a PSA about Trolls(namely one) brought to you by KosmoTrainer...

Frederik Magle
Aug-06-2004, 10:00
OK, the hosting-feature was intended for members to post more relevant stuff, such as their own mp3 music, scores etc., but I'm going to let your files stay anyway https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Unfortunately I don't have unlimited space (not hosting on my own server), but I wil garantee your files will stay for at least another month. After which I will only remove them if I run out of space.

Had it been pictures or other small-size files it wouldn't have been an issue at all, but these are rather large and there's a lot of them. Hope this sounds fair to you. Just contact me by PM or mail if you have any questions.

Aug-06-2004, 18:43
Ok. Very sorry about this Mr. Magle. I am in a constant search for an upload site. If I find a new one, I'll leave promptly.
Sorry to be an inconvinience,

Aug-08-2004, 17:17
Ok, since I hope you shouldn't run out of space, I'm gonna post a few more.

Aug-08-2004, 17:23
One more for now...

Aug-11-2004, 10:21
why do you keep on posting these files?
are they in any way relevant to this site? and if so, how?


Frederik Magle
Aug-11-2004, 12:50
Well, I did promise dannot and ChaosTony that the first four files can stay for at least a month, after which I'll delete them only if I run out of space. However, the guarantee of one month only extends to those four files and if I run out of space I will start to delete the new files.

The reason I allow these "irrelevant" files in this case is that at the time tony & dannot started uploading, I had not yet made an official policy regarding attachments (before I increased the upload size to 8 MB it wans't nessecary), but now I have updated the rules regarding attachments: see this (http://www.magle.dk/music-forums/903-rules-information-regarding-attachment.html) link for more info. And in the future they will be enforced.

Aug-11-2004, 13:39
Looks good with the guidelines.
I would hate to see this forum be flooded with nonrelevant postings and attachments for no other reason than the "free space" here... https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shake.gif
I hope future posters will show a little more consideration when sharing files with the rest of us. https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Frederik Magle
Sep-27-2004, 14:37
Well, as I promised I allowed the files to stay for a month (actually seven weeks). I've been looking at my server space and in order to make sure that there is enough space left should a member decide to upload several large files with, say, his/hers own music or other relevant files, I have deleted these files.

I hope you have found new hosting by now, dannot and ChaosTony (if needed at all, since the summer is now over and probably the "SC2K4" too, right? https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif)