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Jul-16-2007, 01:21
I love sax,and thats not a misprint....The main thing I love about it is the varying tones and moods it can create,my favourite player is not necessarily the most technical.

Earl Bostic....Deep Purple,Flamingo,fantastic and emotive music. Who else can compete?

Deeru Piotr
Jul-19-2007, 09:05
Paul Desmond: Suicide is painless and of course Take five
Johnny Hodges
Ben Webster listen to All the things you are in the Art Tatum Ben Webster masterpieces
John Coltrane the ballads album
(you can notice I'm kind of sentimental)

Aug-18-2007, 13:23
Saxophone masters of tone...
its kenny g for sure.........
and yes i do agree that it creates different kinds of moods...

White Knight
Dec-05-2010, 04:53
For me it has to be--in no set order-- Paul Desmond, Wayne Shorter, Julian Adderly and John Coltrane

Dec-05-2010, 22:33
my picks, dexter gordon, don menza, gerry mulligan and pepper adams. gord

Dec-08-2010, 16:11
stan getz, lee konitz, ben webster, but i like also the "fat" sound of saxophonists like ayler or gato barbieri

Aug-27-2011, 01:53
some great ones here. gord

Aug-27-2011, 02:01
the music on that last video is from the famous massey hall concert of 1953 in toronto. with bird, diz, bud, max and mingus. gord

Aug-28-2011, 19:03
Thinking tenor, the greats for me have been Cole Hawkins, Lester Young, Ben Webster and above all Stan Getz.
However I must mention Jimmy Giuffre who plays any sax plus clarinet equally well

Aug-28-2011, 20:34
tenors i like, dexter gordon, ike quebec,wardell gray and the great john coltrane. gord

Aug-28-2011, 20:38
However I must mention Jimmy Giuffre who plays any sax plus clarinet equally well

Does he play soprano as well?

Aug-28-2011, 21:36
I am vey partial to the soprano sax, especially when its played by Cannonball


Aug-28-2011, 23:06
One favourite player from so many others is a very tough call. So many great tones which would swing you into bad health!! If by any chance I was hanging over a cliff caught only by my bootlaces, and, with the promise that I would be saved if I would name my favorite tenor sax tone...I would have to hesitate, frayed bootlaces or not....then, and only then, I would utter the name Lester Young! In the late thirties into the early fifties when he was in his prime, a light tone, plaintive, joyful, and story telling. With Basie/Smith Inc-Lady Be Good/Shoe Shine Boy- with his own small groups on Somebody Loves Me/D.B.Blues etc. I always liken him to the Ancient Mariner. When he starts telling his story you will never get away.

Aug-29-2011, 20:42
In the previous post I mistakenly mentioned 'Somebody Loves Me' by Lester Young! Fool that I am, it should have been 'Sometimes I'm Happy!' A Pres classic which some others used. King Pleasure in his vocalese version, and, Norwegian vocalist Karin Krog with the Duo of tenorist Warne Marsh and bass player Red Mitchell, where they renamed it 'Lester's Happy' while recreating the Pres solo, and that famous 'tag' conclusion.

Aug-30-2011, 01:53
Ah the sound of the saxophone ... Claube Debussy, upon hearing a tenor saxophone for the fist time suggested that it "sounds like a lawnmower" ...

Aug-30-2011, 10:12
Ah the sound of the saxophone ... Claube Debussy, upon hearing a tenor saxophone for the fist time suggested that it "sounds like a lawnmower" ...

It never gets old, does it?

Aug-30-2011, 21:08
I have only got a small lawn but have a few old lawn mowers in the shed. Alto, soprano, tenor and baritone. If I get them all tuned and orchestrated maybe Debussy would have approved and snapped his fingers on two and four!

Aug-31-2011, 01:06
i love the tenor sax, coltrane,dexter, and hawk.i am also very partial to the baritone sax,mulligan,pepper adams and brignola. gord

Aug-31-2011, 01:20
The baritione sax is my "main man" of the family - if they weren't so farqing expensive I'd buy one to play as a hobby!

Sep-02-2011, 01:12
some sax players have beautiful sounds. lester young, stan getz and johnny hodges have light tones and they are just great, but i prefer to listen to the harder sound of jazzmen like dexter gordon,john coltrane and pepper adams. gord

Sep-02-2011, 09:43
I have discovered Sony Rollins since I have been on this forum. Do like his style.


Sep-03-2011, 17:13
When talking of Baritone Sax dont forget Jimmy Giuffre (not to mention his brilliance on Tenor and Clarinet)

Sep-04-2011, 02:46
so many great saxophone players covering all styles.bud freeman, hawk, prez, bird,dexter, rollins, coltrane and the rest, i like them all. i am one of those rare cats who likes every kind of jazz from bunk johnson to cecil taylor.there is not too much i do not like. gord

Sep-11-2011, 20:04
When talking of Jimmy Giuffre I should have included Baritone as well as Tenor and Clarinet.
Here he is playing all three.


Sep-15-2011, 23:11
ben Webster. Has he got tone?



Sep-16-2011, 13:40
Nice sound John. Haven't listend to him properly before


Sep-19-2011, 18:54
Just heard that clip by Don Byas, so have to add him here. Plagarist that I am


Sep-20-2011, 22:52
I've just come across your post of Aug 28th ref Jimmy Giuffre, asking if he plays soprano.
My apologies for nor answering but I was ill at the time, and faltered quite a lot in my contacts with the Forum.

The answer is "not to my knowledge" and I have not seen soprano as a key instrument in West coast jazz.
However I'm sure someone will probably show my ignorance in this respect.
Cheers John

Sep-25-2011, 19:33
I've got to add Jim Tomlinson (ten) - see "a lovely bit of jazz" thread)