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Jul-24-2007, 21:41
Help needed--where do we find an online CD store that (still) carries Frederik's CDs, "Light on Your Path," "Symphonic LEGO Fantasia," and "The Infinite Second"? The stores called CDKlassisk.dk, GEMM music marketplace, amazon.com, and iClassics.com do not carry them. Since the works are all listed on the "Discography-CD Releases" web page http://www.magle.dk/cds.htm (http://www.magle.dk/cds.html)l I am thinking they should be available for purchase somewhere.

Jul-29-2007, 18:34
Does this help?


Jul-30-2007, 05:48
Thank you, Rojo, for the assist. However, I did find that site, and am (still) waiting for the CD to arrive; I have inquired with no reply so I have no idea if I'll ever see it. And Kosmos is the only CD of Frederik's that they carry, at least online. I already found Cecilamusic (through Amazon), and am enjoying it a lot! It is the albums Light on Your Path, Symphonic LEGO Fantasia, and The Infinite Second that I cannot find anywhere. Do you have other suggestions?

Jul-30-2007, 05:58
Just after I posted the last reply, I received an email reply from Danacord. So, here is another source for the Ceciliamusic album:
"We have one title in our catalogue – please look for DACOCD 520, Mass for St. Cecilia. You can find it at :


Kind regards

Kim I. Jensen
__________________________________________________ _______________________
Danacord Distribution
Norregade 22
DK - 1165 Copenhagen K
Telephone +45 33151716
distribution [[email protected]]

end quote.

Jul-30-2007, 06:46
Frederik Magle also has a "myspace.com" site:(click here) (http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=76359387).

Jul-30-2007, 12:54
Hi susangio
I searched the EMI UK site for the "Light on your path"and"The infinite second" recordings only to get a very annoying notice about their Privacy Policy:scold: .As for the "Symphony Lego Fantasia",the info I found on the net is very sketchy(label,Cd no. etc).Are there no official EMI agents in your area?The other option is to try the official EMI agent/importer in Montreal( maybe Rojo will be able to help you out with a company name)

Jul-30-2007, 14:03
Ive just checked out the EMI shop (Canada) and did a search for the EMI recordings.According to the search engine of the EMI shop,the titles("Light on your path" and "The infinite second")and the cd numbers do not exist on their catalogue!Have EMI changed the cd numbers or are the cd's not officialy on the EMI catalogue anymore.Could anybody from EMI or a music store PLEASE shed some light on the matter.This is like searching for a needle in a haystack.Nothing solid on the "Symphonic Lego Fantasia" yet.

Jul-30-2007, 21:17
I hope we will all hear some positive answers soon on where to find Light on Your Path, the Symphonic LEGO Fantasia, and The Infinite Second! Thanks for the hard work trying to dig for more information! I have checked out Frederik's MySpace site and will try again with those labels.

Aug-03-2007, 21:05
Caddis and others: I found a place at this website where Frederik mentioned his Light on Your Path was performed by Radio something in Denmark, so I went to their website and did find a listing of the CD there; everything was in Danish but I figured out how to get to a contact email frame, yet am not sure whether it got there or not because the email reply I got showed me sending to and from myself! But everything on that reply was in Danish, so maybe they did reply....can anyone translate the following for me?

copy/pasted from email:
Hej [email protected]

Susanne Giordano ([email protected]) mener at denne artikel har din interesse:


DR Radiopigekoret udgiver jævnligt cd'er - oftest med danske sange. Senest Den Danske Sangskat, der udkom i 2005, og som blev kaldt en "forbilledlig indspilning" i Weekend-Avisens anmeldelse.


Derudover siger Susanne Giordano også:

Frederik Magle Lys på din vej
2000, fonogram, EMI 5571152 - I am trying to obtain this CD. Can you help me?

Aug-03-2007, 21:25
Hi Susanne ...

I don't speak or understand Danish ... but years ago I found a nifty online translation machine for Danish to English ... this source translated the following:

Hi [email protected]

Susanne Giordano ([email protected]) thinks that this article is of interest for you:


DR Radiopigekoret often publishes CDs - most often with Danish songs.

At the latest The Danish Song Treasury, which appeared in 2005, and as if was called an "exemplary recording" in Weekend-Avisen's notification.


In addition Susanne Giordano also says:

Frederik Magle Lys on its your way 2000, phonogram, EMI 5571152 - I am trying to obtain this CD. Can you help me?

END of Translation -

Hope this helps a little ...

Aug-03-2007, 22:29
Thank you, Krummhorn! That does help, and unfortunately does not get me any nearer some place to actually buy that CD from :confused: . Still trying...

Aug-04-2007, 00:06
Hi susangio
I'm going to have a look at Swedish and Swiss sites,see what I can find.

Rune Vejby
Aug-04-2007, 00:43
Hi susanigo,

Im sorry that you are having such a hard time locating this album. I have just searched for it on danish Google and it seems that it is only posibble to purchase it as a virtual album (i.e. you can pay approx. 15$ and then download the complete album and susequently burn it to a CD yourself)... I don't know if this is sufficient for you?


Frederik will probably spot this thread next time he logs in, otherwise you should try to send him an e-mail (his e-mail is somewhere on the frontpage of magle.dk)....

Good luck :)

Aug-08-2007, 08:10
Thank you, Rune! That gets me a little closer. Sure wish there was a commercially available, already pressed CD though. While I still search, I guess I'll make use of the virtual one. Frederik, if you are following this thread in the future could you reply back if you know anywhere that still carries "hard" copies? Thanks!

Frederik Magle
Aug-23-2007, 11:53
Sorry for not seeing this thread sooner. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any stores in the US that carries hard copies of my CDs. I've also sent a PM to you Susanne.

The CD "Light on your path" (Danish: Lys på din vej") can be ordered here (http://www.ddfl.dk/default.aspx?pageID=195&lang=da&item=241), and they could possibly ship it to USA, but I can't be certain and I'm not sure if they actually sell to people outside the order of the freemasons. Also, the page is in Danish but there is contact information on this page (http://www.ddfl.dk/default.aspx?pageID=157&lang=da). It may be worth a try but I can't guarantee anything...

If I learn of any other places I will definitely let you know, and if anyone knows about a place please reply to this thread.

PS: I'm moving this thread to the "Frederik Magle's Corner" section.

Best regards,

Aug-24-2007, 00:36
thank you, Frederik! I will try the pages you gave me. That's very helpful :)