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Jul-28-2007, 17:15
I know somebody who is selling a Rodgers 100 organ. Could anybody tell me about this organ? How much should I spend on it maximum if it is in excellent condition?

Jul-30-2007, 06:00
Don't have a clue about prices, but found a site that features a Rodgers 100 (http://www.nycfarmboy.com/rodgers100.html) with information and a few sound clips.

Aug-01-2007, 18:27
I am having trouble....can I please get some opinions from other organists on the Forum? This Rodgers 100 which I am looking at, I am thinking of buying. Before we make such an expensive purchase, I really need to know whether this sounds like a good practice organ for me. Here is ALL the information you would need to help me make this decision...thank you so much in advance for your input:

GENERAL ORGAN INFORMATION: 2 manual Rodgers Specification 100 (the first 100 model) from 1970...AGO pedal board..one swell shoe
ME: I am an intermediate organ student....I love service music and hymn playing...I would usually be practicing on this instrument, but sometimes performing at home (when people visit) pieces such as Bach's Little Preludes+Fugues, and also hymns and other service music

Given that information, here are the organ specs:
SIZE: Perfect size for home
pedal-16' -Bourdon and Lieblich Gedeckt.....8' -Octave and Flute.....4' -Choralbass
great- 8'-Diapason, Bourdon, Gemshorn, Gemshorn Celeste II...4' -Octave, Flute...2,2/3 Twelfth...2'-Fifteenth, ...Mixture II
Swell-16' Lieb. Gedeckt...8' -Gedeckt, Gemshorn, Cornet, Clarinet...4' -Octave and Flute...2,2/3 -Nazard...2' -Piccolo.
1,3/5 -Tierce...CHIFF, CARILLON, HARP
Main Tremulant, Flute Temulant Fast, Flute/Diapason Chorus, Diapason FF (full), Flute FF (full), Echo On, Main Off
FACTORY PRESET TABS: Soft Preset, Mezzo Preset, Full Preset, Stop Rail Off
OTHER INFORMATION: Organ is in excellent condition...being sold for a great price....being sold by a person who services organs and who offered to install headphone jack for free and repair the organ if we encounter any problems (additional fee)...we have a great deal on moving the organ, since we know the Organ Mover
TECHNOLOGY: Transistor Individual Oscillator technology with internal or optional external speakers (I would be using the internal ones most likely
CAVEATS: No memory pistons, no couplers, no pedal reed stops...only 8' in the swell

Added bonuses: Volume of Diapasons and Flutes can be separately controlled, as well as the main swell shoe to control general volume...headphone jack...free re-tuning of organ if it gets out of tune in shipping
So does this look like an appropriate practice instrument? I was also looking at an Allen 124, but it couldn't fit through our 30.5 inch doorway...this organ could, however.

Thank you sooo much in advance!!!

Aug-02-2007, 00:47
Very difficult to answer those sorts of questions or provide advice, young man, as most pipe organists consider electronic organs (blasphemy boxes) anathema. However, so long as YOU are comfortable with it and its price (which is?) ... that's the main criteria. I don't know this brand at all as I've only played the high end sampled digital organs (Makin and Johanus) and these are NOT cheap.

And, by the looks of it, the organ you refer to seems to be high quality.

Arvin B
Aug-08-2007, 15:03
I would never personally spend money on a Rodgers. When I was a student in college I had the unfortunate experience of having to practice on one from time to time. I could never get past the sound. Some people are ok with it I guess, so if it floats your boat...

But don't spend much money on it because it has almost zero resale value.