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Aug-19-2004, 19:17
I'm new.
Anyone wants to talk through email about bach please do.
email e, that is.

Does anyone here lke Helmut Walcha?
And Porpora?
And Myslivecek?



Aug-19-2004, 19:45
Hi there,

You're also very welcome to start your discussion on Bach in here, it would be interesting to learn about your opinions and feelings on Bach (both his organ music, as I gather you know a little about - but also his music in general).
Of the composers you've mentioned the only one I've myself have stumpled upon is Myslivecek - I've played some of his woodwind octets... killer music... - very much of the (wiener)classical period but there's some "cest"/"spicyness" in there which you don't find in the music of eg. Danzi... - Great music, though somewhat difficult to play. https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif - great stuff.


Aug-19-2004, 23:29
Yes, Walcha is one of my favorites, and I've owned his set (on Archiv) of Bach's complete organ works for years now. There is another set of earlier recordings (1940s) he made, also on Archiv, and I'm trying to find out what instruments he is playing on that set.

As great as Walcha was, I have a slight preference for Karl Richter and Anton Heiller. Richter's recordings are on various labels, and I don't think he ever recorded the complete cycle, but I would recommend 1) the recording from Victoria Hall, Geneve Switzerland made in the 1950s (London / Decca); 2.) The 2 CD set on Teldec with him playing the Schnitger organ at Ludgeri-Kirche; 3.) The DG CD "Toccata and Fugue". Yes the packaging is gimmicky, but unfortunately the toccatta and fugue in D min (S.565, not the Dorian) sells a lot of CDs. The performances of the Prelude and Fugue in Eb major (S.552), and the two chorales are the highlights of the disk however. All of my Heiller recordings are on LP, so good luck finding any CDs that may be out there! I don't know what is available.

I'm interested to know whether anyone has heard the sets recorded by Marie Claire Alain, and Simon Preston.

Aug-22-2004, 13:13
Thank you all for you're great welcome.
I live in israel, a land of no Organs (maybe one or two, not somthing like DK has, Or Germany...

Soon, me and my love will be out of here,
Though I wish to know - Is it too late to start learning how to play the Organ when I'm 24 years old?


Robert Spriggs
Nov-10-2004, 20:26