View Full Version : Some of those coversongs and "remixes" ain't so good

Aug-03-2007, 20:44
In recent years there's been a tendancy for artists/music producers to "improve" coversongs.I don't mind electronics being used in recordings (as long as the electronics are used properly),but I find in some instances the electronics and the techno beats a bit of an overkill.I have a particular dislike for "keyboard" sound tracks,which are being used more frequently by upcoming artists in South Africa.As a person who grew up in the 80's and 90's,listening to the likes of ABBA,The Be Gees,Pet Shop Boys,BZN,Depesh Mode,Queen etc,I feel the quality of music has declined to unacceptable levels,that's my opinion.What's your opnion?

Aug-17-2007, 15:59
Do you have any examples? I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about people going back, taking the original track of a song and adding stuff to it, or are you talking about people doing their very own versions?

Either way, mostly unnecessary. I almost never buy albums that are "cover" albums by a band--where they are doing their own versions of other artists' songs. I'd much rather hear a band pop in a cover song here and there in a live set, and leave the full length albums to their own genuine creative efforts.

There's plenty of good music coming out today, though.

Aug-23-2007, 14:44
Hi Fretless
The Cilline Dion "I rode all alnight" remix comes to mind,but it's the Afrikaans "Pop" crowd that are the most aggitating.I'll give an example,an "upcoming" artist was asked to perform at a show in my town in the Karoo.The artist only had a keyboard,no drums,no guitars.All the sound tracks were programmed electronics that did'nt sound that great.I by no means want to write off the South African music industry,but I'm not impressed by these "all electronic makeovers" of original songs.I agree that there is good music coming out these days,but some music in my opinion is sub-standard and the music industry are doing little about it.

Aug-23-2007, 17:51
I know what you are saying. Just like I said the last time. Since I'm
getting the hang of playing the pipe organ, the pipe organ is a classical
instrument like a violin. To me an electronic keyboard is more like a fiddle.
The violinist and the fiddler uses the same instument but in a different
style of playing. I hope you know where I'm getting at! Today the more
modern pipe organs are also electronic keyboards but the pipe organ and
the sympathizer does not sound the same.
judy tooley:)